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Josie M. Gough

Fax: (312) 541-8603
Josie M. Gough has joined the firm as a partner where she will focus on strategic business development, municipal law, board governance, and personnel/human resource related matters. Ms. Gough will serve as the firm’s Chief Diversity Officer where… Read More
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Vincent D. Pinelli

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Vincent D. Pinelli is a founding partner of Burke Burns & Pinelli, Ltd. His practice focuses on civil and criminal litigation in both state and federal courts. Mr. Pinelli has extensive experience in complex commercial litigation, eminent domain… Read More
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Mark S. Jamil

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Mark S. Jamil is a partner in the firm’s transaction practice group. His practice concentrates on the areas of governmental affairs, corporate governance, employment and labor disputes, education law, municipal law, and complex commercial and r… Read More
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Christopher J. Hales

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Christopher J. Hales is a partner in the firm’s litigation practice group. He concentrates his practice in commercial litigation, with an emphasis on eminent domain, municipal representation, insurance defense, construction defects, and contrac… Read More
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Mary Patricia Burns

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Mary Patricia Burns is the President and a founding partner of Burke Burns & Pinelli, Ltd. Her practice focuses on governmental affairs, complex financial and real estate transactions, and complex civil litigation. Ms. Burns provides general coun… Read More
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Edward J. Burke

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Edward J. Burke is a founding partner of Burke Burns & Pinelli, Ltd. His practice concentrates in both governmental affairs and complex civil litigation. Mr. Burke conducts civil litigation matters in both state and federal courts at the trial le… Read More
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Sarah A. Boeckman

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Sarah A. Boeckman is an associate in both the firm’s transactional and litigation practice groups. She focuses her practice on litigation and transactional matters, mainly in the areas of governmental affairs, municipal law, and corporate law.… Read More
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