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Matthew Lewin

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Matthew (Matt) Lewin is Of Counsel at Burke Burns & Pinelli, Ltd., where he focuses on municipal finance. Mr. Lewin has devoted his entire legal career to acting as bond counsel, underwriter’s counsel and in other legal roles on a wide vari… Read More
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Josie M. Gough

Fax: (312) 541-8603
Josie M. Gough is Of Counsel at Burke Burns & Pinelli, Ltd., where she focuses on strategic business development, municipal law, board governance, and employment law. Ms. Gough continues to serve the firm and its clients on matters that promote d… Read More
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Ellen B. Epstein

Phone: 312-541-8600
Fax: 312-541-8603
Ellen B. Epstein (Of Counsel) is a key member of the firm’s litigation practice group. Her practice focuses on the representation of entities in a variety of construction litigation matters, including contract disputes, Illinois Job Order Contr… Read More
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